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Additional testimonials are available on the Client Reviews page of my Ananda Integrative Healing Group website. Click here to see them.

"Simply put, Nicole has been a Godsend. I was extremely skeptical prior to our first appointment but was pretty much desperate for help. The problems I was facing each day had been years (if not decades) in the making and were leaching into every facet of my life. I had lost hope of ever having a normal, healthy sex life again.

Through discussions, coaching, touch work, exercises and even homework, Nicole has helped me reinvigorate my sex life and frankly, my entire life. I feel years younger, have a spring in my step again, and have a positive outlook for the years ahead.

I would have no reservations in recommending Nicole to anyone in a similar life situation."


- Stuart S



"When you open up to Nicole as I did, you don't get pre-packaged responses or half-hearted taglines. You receive honesty and understanding. You receive guidance in the process of self-discovery. You might only communicate to her the tip of the iceberg, but somehow carve away at things below the surface, things unknown even to you. She is genuine, with an open heart; perceptive, with an open mind."


- Matt M.



“In two words: wonderfully transformative.

After taking some time to reflect on the process, I've come to think of Nicole's guidance as perhaps the most unique growth experience of my life. While it is true that we all never stop learning and growing, for me, those fantastic and energizing bursts of growth and learning were clustered in the adolescent and young adult years. Nicole, however, is one of those incredibly rare people who are able to foster the kind of wildly explosive growth that, like in those younger years, has energized me and opened another part of the world for me.

None of my growth would have been possible if Nicole was not such a beautifully supportive and encouraging person. During our process, she frequently knew the points that needed pushing and was able to pull me out of my comfort zones with understanding and compassion. I was quite amazed at Nicole's intuitive abilities -- she often knew if I was struggling and was able to talk me through it before my struggle was apparent to myself. The nature of the work was deeply intimate, and yet she was highly respectful of my life outside of our time together. She developed very reasonable homework assignments that I would take with me, taking care to only assign what she felt would be a good fit at the time.

I am trying to prevent this little summary from sounding clinical and even superficial because, in fact, Nicole works to make the time profoundly personal and inspirational. I felt as though I came to her with something missing from my life that I myself barely understood. What I came away with, what Nicole was able to understand and provide, has improved the joy in my life, my marriage, and in the lives of those closest to me as well.”


- Wes F.



“I was very nervous as I began to work with Nicole. I was worried I would feel too embarrassed or self-conscious to benefit from this type of therapy/healing and was likely to only go to one session and then move on to try something else. After our first appointment together, I knew I was going to work through my problems with her and keep going back until we decided I was ready to move on. She helped me with more than just the problems that had me seek out a therapist in the first place. We worked through long-standing emotional problems and family issues that were with me so long I no longer even acknowledged them as problems; I saw them as just part of life and thought they always would be.


When I spent time with Nicole, I always left feeling like a weight had been lifted. She helped me set goals and begin looking forward to my future. I still have things that I am working on but feel I have improved tenfold over where I was and now I can see myself overcome any obstacle because of many of the tools that she gave me to work through life problems. It takes a very special person to do the work that Nicole does and she is the best of the best. I felt completely comfortable and cared for the entire time I was with her.”


- Patrick H.

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